What is Genetics? : Frequent Questions & Answers

How does DNA testing on TV determine if two people are related?

People that are related share more DNA with each other than they do with strangers. DNA tests can determine how closely related two people are. Read more…

Can a genetic test I buy at the store or online tell me my risk for certain diseases?

Over-the-counter genetic testing may be available, but your family health history is still the most effective way of finding out your risk for disease!

I have heard that scientists have cloned humans. Is that true?

It may be the subject of many sci-fi flicks, but have scientists really been able to clone humans? Read more…

Is it true that the goal of genetic research is to allow parents to create “designer babies”?

Learn why the goal of genetic research isn’t to design the next generation!

Can a person’s ethnic background affect how likely they are to get a disease?

People of similar ethnic backgrounds may be more likely to be carriers of the same genetic conditions. Read more…

Are diseases caused by any other factors other than changes in genes?

Nearly all diseases are cause by a combination of both genes and environment. Read more about how genes and your environment interact.

Is genetic testing only used on TV for catching criminals?

Genetic testing has many uses outside of how it is used in movies and on TV! Learn more…

If I participate in genetic research, can my genetic information be given out or sold?

Learn how your involvement in genetic research is kept private.

Is it true that scientists have successfully cloned animals?

Learn which animals scientists have successfully cloned!

Are identical twins 100% genetically identical?

They sure look a lot alike, but are they completely the same?

If cousins get married, are they at risk of having children with genetic conditions?

We know that there is always the chance that a child can have genetic conditions or health problems, but is it more common if the parents are related? Learn more…

If a genetic test shows I am at risk for a disease, can I be denied health insurance?

Learn more about the protections in place regarding genetic testing and genetic conditions…