What is Genetics? : Frequent Questions & Answers

I have heard that scientists have cloned humans. Is that true?

Scientists have not cloned humans! Only some animals have been cloned including a cat, dog, pig and most famously Dolly the sheep. Most scientists and credible scientific associations consider human cloning to be dangerous, wrought with ethical problems and not a good use of genetic technology, funding and resources.

The American Medical Association as well as other well known scientific groups have advised that scientists not attempt to clone humans. Much of this is due to what was learned during the attempts to clone animal species. Many of the animals that were cloned did not survive the process or had severe health conditions. Since these same problems would likely happen with attempts to clone humans, scientists and law makers believe the risks associated with cloning are too high. To learn more about the ethical issues associated with human cloning visit the Human Genome Project Cloning Fact Sheet.